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Sunset Cruise (2 hrs)

Sunset Cruise (2 hrs)

As you board the boat for your sunset cruise with Enticement Charters in Gulfport, Florida, the air is filled with anticipation. The captain welcome's you aboard, setting the tone for a relaxing and unforgettable experience. As the boat sets off, you feel the gentle breeze and hear the soothing sounds of the water.

As the sun begins to lower in the sky, casting a golden hue over the water, you find the perfect spot to sit back and take in the breathtaking views. The sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, painting the horizon with shades of orange, pink, and purple.

As you cruise along the waters of Pinellas County, the captain points out notable landmarks and shares interesting facts about the area. You pass by picturesque islands and mangrove forests, adding to the beauty of the scenery.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transitions to a deep purple, signaling the end of another day. The captain navigates the boat back to Gulfport, and you can't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to witness such a stunning sunset.

As you disembark, the captain thanks you for joining him and wishes you a pleasant evening. You leave the boat with a sense of peace and wonder, knowing that you've experienced something truly special on your sunset cruise with Enticement Charters.  

$225.00 1-4 people

$250.00 for 5 people 

$275.00 for 6 people

Pay a $50.00 Deposit to secure your trip. Then pay the remaining balance on the day of your trip.


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